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[FLN - Coral Gables Chapter Updates] - 11/30/17

November 30, 2017 9:00 AM | Mo N. ElDeiry, Esquire (Administrator)

[FLN - Coral Gables Chapter]


Chapter News, Updates and Announcements


Greetings Everyone: 

Welcome to the final [FLN - Coral Gables Chapter] meeting of 2017.

Despite Irma's visit, it's been a great year, and the days march on quickly. 

Great turnout expected for the upcoming meeting, as many of the Chapter Members are registered to attend. 

As always, great energy and enthusiasm from our friends and colleagues, and it should be another great Chapter meeting.

Here are some important Chapter updates to note:


Matthew Druckman becomes the newest member of the [FLN - Coral Gables Chapter] and will be representing the area of Forensic Accounting.

Welcome to Matthew Druckman, and we look forward to learning more about his experience and services.

Candidate Eric Gonzales for Real Estate Law will be attending the Chapter meeting, so be sure to introduce yourself, and learn more about his experience and expertise.

Also, we have a some great membership opportunities in the following areas of practice:

Personal Injury: 

One spot just opened for the first time in many moons. Nominations and recommendations are strongly encouraged, so that this spot goes to the best candidate available.

Criminal Defense: 

Still a few spots open, and when we round out these popular areas of practice, we get great diversity, more business opportunities, and still maintain exclusivity. 

Elder Law: 

Very important area of practice, and if memory serves correctly, this may never have been filled in this Chapter, so qualified and experienced candidates are definitely being sought for membership. 

Workers' Compensation Law:

While this may be a limited area of practice, many of our more established [FLN - Chapters] have attorneys in this category that do very well, so be on the lookout for qualified colleagues  that represent folks that are injured in the work place. 

Financial Adviser:

Recently opened, and the best candidates for this category are professionals with a wide range of contacts and clients, that are looking for attorneys to help with their legal services.

Check out the Chapter Membership Grid to connect and reconnect with fellow members. 



Lots of Power Lunches scheduled for December, so if you still don't have one on your calendar, please take the initiative and join one of the groups in progress. 

The new session will be released shortly, so be ready to connect with fellow friends and colleagues during the Holiday Season.

Next Chapter meeting will be 01/25/18 and unless you hear otherwise - on the 4th Thursday of every month.

Click the link below to check on your Power Lunch groups.



Chapter Speakers/Ethics:

Our scheduled speakers for the upcoming meeting will be Bruce Bounds and Chantal Kahale, so make sure to arrive early, and get a great seat for these presentations. 

Lori Friedman will be presenting Ethics, and the list of upcoming speakers can be found by clicking the link below.


[FLN - Membership Opportunities]

To learn more about "FLN - Membership" be sure to submit your contact information below.

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