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"Post an Ad"

Email Updates - Every Friday at 10:30am

Deadline to submit for each week is Wednesday at 5pm

It's very Easy:

-You create the ad, submit the informing using the details below, then we spread the word via email on a weekly basis to more than 30,000 attorneys in the legal community. 

-Emails go out every Friday at 10:30am to over 30,000 attorneys in the legal community, and it's also posted on the FLN Classified section. 

Why is there a nominal fee?

-The nominal fee helps defray some of the administrative costs of providing this service, but primarily it is a great way for FLN to provide lots of "value and benefit" to the legal community.

-When you have a need that needs a wide audience, we encourage you to post an ad, and we will spread the word.

[FLN - Members]


$20/30 Days

$40/30 Days

[FLN - Members] - $20/30 Days
[FLN - Members] - $40/30 Days

$30/60 Days

$50/60 Days

[FLN - Members] - $30/60 Days
[FLN - Members] - $50/60 Days

$40/90 Days

$60/90 Days

[FLN - Members] - $40/90 Days
Non-Members - $60/90 Days

"Create your Ad"

-Once you select and submit payment for your preferred option, click the link below to provide the content for your ad. 

-Once your ad is finalized and approved, it will be listed on the FLN site, and then email announcements will be circulated every week throughout the legal community. 

-If you have any questions, please email us at for assistance.

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