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[FLN - Virtual Chapter]

Est. September 2021

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FLN is proud to announce that as of September 2021, the [FLN - Virtual Chapter] will be launched and based on the responses submitted from the original [FLN - Members], the [FLN - Virtual Chapter] will be meeting as follows:

[FLN - Virtual Chapter]

Via Zoom

3rd Tuesday/Month (Unless Conflicts Arise)

11:45am to 1:30pm


FLN - Virtual Chapter Updates - March 2022:

-Based on popular demand the [FLN - Virtual Chapter] is officially the 12th [FLN - Chapter] in the organization, and here are the important details:

-Now through the end of March 2022, existing FLN Members will be given priority and preference to join the FLN - Virtual Chapter. 

-Starting April 1, 2022 - any and all qualified candidates throughout FLN, and beyond, are eligible to become active members in the [FLN - Virtual Chapter] in one of the following ways:

-Existing FLN Members can transfer their existing membership into the FLN - Virtual Chapter;

-Existing FLN Members can add the FLN - Virtual Chapter as an additional Chapter to their existing FLN Chapter;

-Qualified candidates that are not currently in any [FLN - Chapter] that are ready, willing and able to connect via Zoom, are also available to apply, and may be considered for membership in the [FLN - Virtual Chapter].

Please note that to maintain the consistency, quality and integrity of all [FLN - Chapters] - other than meeting via Zoom, this is a comparable active [FLN - Chapter] and all policies, membership dues, participation, etc.. will be exactly the same as all other [FLN - Chapters].

The only difference will be that the FLN - Virtual Chapter meetings and FLN - Power Lunches will be held via Zoom. 

-As many folks have already figured out, this could potentially open connections with other members of the Florida legal community throughout the entire State of Florida, so it has considerable appeal to those considering membership. 

Whether you are an existing FLN Member, or would like to be considered for FLN Membership in the FLN Virtual Chapter, please send an email directly to

so that we can begin reviewing the qualified candidates for the FLN Virtual Chapter.

-Also, double-check your calendar and make sure that you are consistently able to attend the [FLN - Virtual Chapter] meeting which will occur on the 3rd Tuesday/Month via Zoom from 11:45am to 1:30pm.

Please keep in mind that whatever options you would like to consider, please remember that you must actively and consistently participate in order to represent a particular area of practice in any FLN Chapter. 

Qualified and interested candidates should send an email directly to for consideration.

Upcoming FLN - Chapter Meetings

If you are not an existing FLN - Member and you would like to participate, please send an email to for more information and details.

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Serving as a Chapter Director allows our members to

provide great value and benefit to the Members of the Chapter.

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