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[FLN - Virtual]

Est. September 2021

Meets via Zoom - 3rd Tuesday/Month (Unless conflicts arise)


The [FLN - Virtual Chapter] has been meeting via Zoom on a regular basis on the 3rd Tuesday/month since September of 2021. 

[FLN - Virtual Chapter]

Updates as of April 2023:

Greetings Everyone:

Now that live - in-person networking events have returned with lots of energy and excitement, we must now restructure the FLN - Virtual concept to accommodate the current times. 

Based on lots of input and feedback from of our FLN Members, starting in April of 2023 the new format and structure for the FLN - Virtual will be as follows:

FLN - Virtual - Open Networking (via Zoom):

>>>>It will be an open networking session on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 12pm to 1pm - where all FLN - Members (and qualified candidates) in all FLN - Chapters are welcomed and invited to attend.

>>>>At 12pm FLN - will randomly assign everyone that attends into small breakout sessions of 4 to 6 people each for a 25 minute session.

>>>>Then again at 12:30pm - new breakout rooms will be assigned for another 25 minute session.

>>>>FLN - Members and (qualified candidates) are welcome to attend both sessions or either session as often as they like.

>>>>If you are an existing [FLN - Member], there is no additional cost or investment to attend these open networking sessions Via Zoom. (See more details below).

>>>>If you are a qualified candidate for FLN - Membership, we can discuss membership opportunities by sending an email to  

>>>>Ideally, in this one dedicated hour, everyone who attends will get a chance to connect with 8 to 10 other professionals in lots of different FLN - Chapters.  

How to participate: 

It's easy.

-Always register in advance, so we can send you the Zoom details on the day before.

[FLN - Members]:

>>>>>If you are an existing [FLN - Member] in any one of the live-in person FLN - Chapters, then you can attend the open networking session via zoom as often as you like with no additional cost or investment.

[FLN - Virtual Chapter Members]:

>>>>>If you are an exiting FLN - Member only in the FLN Virtual Chapter, then we can also find you an [FLN -Chapter] in your area that you can actively attend with no additional cost or investment.

[FLN - Candidates]:

>>>>>Qualified Candidates that are interested in participating in this format, or any other FLN Chapter, are invited to send an email inquiry to

Thanks again for your time, energy and support of these new and exciting developments, and we sincerely look forward to your active participation in these open networking opportunities.

-The FLN - Team

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