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Friday, February 17, 2023

Agenda and Time Line for FLN - Day

8am to 9am - Registration and Breakfast

Continental Breakfast

Yes, a nice breakfast is included so you have the energy to be your best when attending this event.

Mo N. ElDeiry, Esq. - 02/17/23 - 09:00am - 09:30am

[FLN - Founder & Director] - Mo N. ElDeiry, Esq.

[FLN - Founder & Director - Mo N. ElDeiry, Esq.]:

Opening Remarks

          • Where is FLN Now?

          • Where has it been?

          • Where is it going?

          • Why Networking with experienced colleagues and professionals is critical and very effective for your career? 

          • Using Technology when communicating with prospective clients, former clients, colleagues, and other professionals.

Jay Berkowitz - 02/17/23 - 09:30am - 10:30am

[FLN - Member] - Jay Berkowitz

[FLN - Boca Raton Member - Jay Berkowitz - Ten Golden Rules]:

The 10 Hottest Technologies and Marketing Strategies

Jay Berkowitz has been an [FLN - Boca Raton Member] for the last several years, and has truly become a sought after speaker, presenter and educator when it comes to digital marketing, technology and legal trends. 

Jay will be providing a lively and interactive presentation on the 10 Hottest Technologies and Marketing Strategies currently trending.

Technology in this digital age is moving very rapidly, and whatever legal marketing worked 4, 5 or 6 months ago may already be outdated so it's critical and important to keep track of the latest trends and strategies that technology provides.  

Mid-Morning Break - 02/17/23 - 10:30am - 10:45am

Steven Klitzner - 02/17/23 - 10:45am - 11:00am

[FLN - Member] - Steven Klitzner

[FLN - Aventura Member - Steven Klitzner - Steven N. Klitzner, P.A.]:

8 Mistakes Lawyers Make That Get Them In Hot Water With The IRS

  • Doing Their Own Accounting Work
  • Believing Cash Is Not Income
  • Not Taking A Salary And Paying In Taxes
  • Paying Employees As Subcontractors
  • Not Filing And Paying Payroll Taxes
  • Falling Behind On Filing And Paying Personal Taxes
  • Believing The IRS Is In The Real World
  • Talking To The IRS When A Problem Arises

Philip Fairley - 02/17/23 - 11:00am - 12:00pm

FLN - Special Guest - Philip Fairley - CEO of the Rainmaker Institute:

Learn how to specifically grow your law firm from a JOB into a BUSINESS. 

-Are you stuck at a job disguised as a business?  Have you plateaued in your revenue regardless of what you try? 

Unsure of how to grow your firm in a practical and predictable manner? 

3 quick strategies on how to convert leads into clients: 

-Learn some of the latest and innovative strategies that law firms are using right now to convert more of their leads into high paying clients? 

Rainmaker Retreat Miami 2023 - the Ultimate experience in learning the latest trends on Marketing your Law Firm:

-For the first time since 2019, FLN will once again be teaming up with the Rainmaker Institute for the Rainmaker Retreat on 03/03/23 - 03/04/23 in Miami. Click Here to Learn more about special ticket prices for FLN Members. 

Lunch Break - 12pm to 1pm

[FLN - Chapter Updates] - 02/17/23 - 01:00pm - 01:15pm

[FLN - Member] - Sam Coffey

The FLN - Experience - 1:05pm to 1:15pm

By FLN - Member - Sam Coffey

FLN - Member Since - January 2011

Advocates Board Room Panel Presentation - 11/10/22 - 01:15pm - 01:30pm

[FLN - Member] - Angela Neave

[FLN - Member] - Deirdre Nero

[FLN - Member] - Rich Sierra

Lee Burke - 02/17/23 - 01:30pm - 02:00pm

[FLN - Member] - Lee Burke

[FLN - Boca Raton Member - Lee Burke - Bogart & Brownell, Inc.]:

Manage Risk, Do not rely on Insurance------Lessons from Hurricane Ian

-Lee Burke has been educating many members of the legal community throughout South Florida for many years, and will be presenting on the ability to manage risk with and without insurance. -

-Insurance is a critical aspect of every personal and business environment, and Lee will be presenting on the lessons learned from the recent Hurricanes, latest trends, and sharing his more than 35 years of experience in the insurance industry.

Tammy Saltzman - 02/17/23 - 02:00pm - 02:15pm

[FLN - Member] - Tammy Saltzman

[FLN - Boca Raton Member - Tammy Saltzman - TBS Law, P. A.]:


The Art of Developing Successful Business Relationships

-Learn the important details about building, developing and maintaining these important and relevant connections throughout your entire career.

Marc Hurwitz - 02/17/23 - 02:15pm - 03:00pm

[FLN - Member] - Marc Hurwitz

[FLN - Regional Member - Marc Hurwitz - Crossroads Investigations]:

A Former CIA Officer Guide To How to Investigations Can Help you Win Cases (Plus Social Medial Privacy and Google Ninja Tricks)

-For many years, Marc Hurwitz and his team and Crossroads Investigations have been making FLN Members look great before their clients as they continue to find anyone and anything under the sun.

During the presentation Marc will be presenting on the following:

  • What do Private Investigators Really Do?
  • Due Diligence - What Do you Want to Know about a Subject?
  • Social Media Privacy Tips - Don't leave your self exposed it's embarrassing. 
  • How to remove personal data from the Internet?
  • Google Ninja Tricks to Help your Online Search?

Tech Credits for this presentation are pending, but we know it will be a blockbuster.

Afternoon Break - 3:00pm to 3:30pm

Andrew Wyman - 02/17/23 - 03:30pm - 04:00pm

[FLN - Member] - Andrew Wyman

[FLN - North Broward Member - Andrew Wyman - Wyman Legal Solutions]:

Contractors Gone Wild - Protecting your Client When their Dream Home Renovation Becomes a nightmare.

Deposits Given then Contractors disappearing? How to protect yourself when having any work done on your home?

Way beyond the cost estimates provided. Learn how to spot these issues, and how you can be a value to the clients you represent.

Laurie Dubow - 02/17/23 - 04:00pm - 04:30pm

[FLN - Member] - Laurie Dubow

[FLN - Boca Raton Member - Laurie Dubow - Signature Paradise Realty International, LLC]:

Learn about managing different personalities and how they can impact a Real Estate transaction.

Laurie Dubow, Licensed Real Estate Broker, uses real life examples of Residential and Real Estate transactions to highlight ways to overcome challenges and successfully navigate to a successful closing. 

Mo N. ElDeiry - 02/17/23 - 04:30pm - Wrap it Up and Close it out!!

[FLN - Founder & Director] - Mo N. ElDeiry, Esq.

[FLN - Founder & Director - Mo N. ElDeiry, Esq.]:

Closing Remarks

-Final remarks and recap as we get ready for the Social Cocktail session from 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Be sure to click and register in advance to join us for this important, educational, and captivating event.

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