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How can I update my profile?

[FLN - Members] - To update your profile please do the following:

1. Go to FLNMembers.com and find the Account Login button at the top of the page; 

2. Reminder - you must use your dedicated email with FLN to access your profile. That means that email that is associated with the FLN Member is the email you must use, then the corresponding password. If you don't recall your password - simply request that your password be sent to your designated FLN email by selecting "Forgot Password"

3. Follow the steps in the email, and log into the FLN site;

4. Find your particular profile, and update the applicable fields.

Updating Your Photo

Follow same steps above, but be sure to upload a photo that meets the quality and dimensions indicated. 

Who does the FLN - Membership belong to?

All [FLN - Members] are screened and vetted on their own personal achievements, accomplishments and credentials. 

Even if an Employer or Company submits the [FLN - Membership Dues] on behalf of the Member, the Membership always belongs to the individual who was approved, not the employer or company that submitted the Membership Dues. 

Since all relationships are built by connecting with individuals, the Membership is directly tied to the individual that was approved for membership. 

It is possible for an individual to transfer his or her membership to another person from the same firm, company or entity, but the new person would still need to apply, and be approved for membership based on his or her own qualifications for membership.

Can an active member change his/her designated area of practice?

Members that are highly-skilled and well-qualified in other areas of practice are eligible to change their designated area of practice, but the category must be available in the Chapter, and members must be well-versed and knowledgeable in the requested area of practice.

To maintain consistency and continuity, members are limited to this transfer once per year, and no more than twice in total. 

Can an [FLN - Member] join multiple Chapters? 

Yes. If you meet the necessary requirements, and you have the time, energy and ability to participate in multiple [FLN - Chapters] we encourage you to learn more about these valuable opportunities to connect.

Its not a guarantee, but it is a possibility reserved for the most energetic and capable [FLN - Members].

Have a question?

If you have a question about FLN, or how to navigate through the website, please send an email to Support@FloridaLawyersNetwork.com

[FLN - Membership Opportunities]

To learn more about "FLN - Membership" be sure to submit your contact information below.

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