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"[FLN - Power Lunch]

The "FLN - Power Lunch" is undeniably the most effective and powerful event that clearly defines the purpose and objectives of the Florida Lawyers NetworkThese events are a unique and powerful opportunity to build and develop valuable connections in a small group setting. Each event consists of only a few professionals, and the groups are intentionally small to give each person a great opportunity to build and develop new connections, while reinforcing existing ones. 

[FLN - Members] are expected to attend and participate in these events on a regular basis, and to remain active in the Chapter, all members must attend at least one [FLN - Chapter Meeting] and one [FLN - Power Lunch] every ninety (90) days. 

[FLN - Members] that consistently and routinely attend at least 50% of the [FLN - Chapter Meetings] are automatically included in the Power Lunch groups each session. [FLN - Chapter Members] that attend less than 50% of the Chapter meetings are still eligible to attend, but must specifically request to be added.

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Power Lunch Coordinators:

The first person listed in each group shall serve as the Dedicated Power Lunch Coordinator, and shall communicate directly with each member in the group to finalize a suitable date, time and venue for the group to convene. If the first person is unavailable to coordinate, then the 2nd person listed shall serve instead. 

Use Doodle.com:

To avoid numerous and unnecessary emails - FLN strongly encourages all Power Lunch Coordinators to utilize www.Doodle.com to help coordinate a date for these events.   

Honors & Recognition:

The group(s) with the highest percentage of attendance shall be recognized and honored at the upcoming Chapter meeting. 

DVA Report: 

Upon completion of the event, all Power Lunch Coordinators shall submit their DVA Report (Date, Venue, Attended by) to the the Chapter Events Director along with a copy to FLN. 

[FLN - Power Lunch]

Format & Participation

To get the most out of your Power Lunch Event be sure to read through this section on best practices and techniques.

[FLN - Power Lunch]


If you are selected to be a Power Lunch Coordinator 

please review this section.

Current Session

Power Lunch Coordinator is the first person listed in each group, and the 2nd Person 

shall serve as the "back-up" in cased the first person is unavailable or needs assistance. 

Ideally, all groups should meet within 30 Day of the Release Date listed below.

 Release Date: TBD

Suggested Completion Date: TBD

Group 1:

Be sure to report your DVA (Date, Venue, Attended by)

Group 2:

Be sure to report your DVA (Date, Venue, Attended by)

Group 3:

Be sure to report your DVA (Date, Venue, Attended by)

Group 4:

Be sure to report your DVA (Date, Venue, Attended by)

Group 5:

Be sure to report your DVA (Date, Venue, Attended by)

Group 6:

Be sure to report your DVA (Date, Venue, Attended by)

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