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[FLN - Providing Value & Benefit to the Florida Legal Community Since 2010].

[FLN - North Orlando Chapter]

Est. May 2023

The [FLN - North Orlando Chapter] will be holding its regular Chapter Meetings on the -- -- of every month (Unless Conflicts Arise).

For more information about this Chapter, please click here to provide your preferred contact information.

[FLN - Membership Grid]

The FLN - Membership Grid is designed to help find [FLN - Members] throughout the network by area of practice in each [FLN - Chapter]. Only active [FLN - Members] that regularly attend, connect and participate are eligible to be listed on the [FLN - Membership Grid].

[FLN - Legal Members]

[FLN - Legal Member] must have at least 5 years of experience as an attorney, and must be well-versed and knowledgeable in his or her designated area of practice.

Only 3 Attorneys are selected for Membership in each [FLN - Chapter], as this provides great diversity, while still maintaining exclusivity.

Admiralty & Maritime Law

Appellate Law

Bankruptcy Law

Business Law

[FLN - Membership Opportunities]

Contact FLN

Commercial Litigation

Construction Law

Consumer Law

Creditor's Rights

Criminal Defense

Elder Law

Employment Law

Estate Planning/Probate Law

Family Law

[FLN - Membership Opportunities]

Contact FLN

Health Law

HOA/Association Law

Immigration Law

Insurance Law

Intellectual Property Law

Personal Injury

Please note - as of January 2022 - PI and Medical Malpractice are separate and distinct categories for all [FLN - Chapters].

Existing [FLN - Members] that joined FLN on or before 12/31/21 will be included in both categories providing the FLN - Member actually practices in both areas. 

At no time shall there be more than 4 attorneys in each FLN - Chapter for the Personal Injury and Medical Practice combined.

Medical Malpractice

Probate Litigation

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Litigation

[FLN - Membership Opportunities]

Contact FLN

Securities Law

Social Security Disability Law

Tax Law

Workers' Compensation Law

[FLN - Mediators]

Qualified and Certified Supreme Court Mediators are eligible to become members in the Florida Lawyers Network.

To ensure diversity, and still maintain exclusivity, only a limited number of candidates will be selected for membership in each Chapter. 

[FLN - Financial Members]

Financial professionals that provide guidance and resources to their clients are an integral part of the Legal Community. 

To provide an effective balance between our [FLN - Legal Members] and the other types of [FLN - Memberships], only a limited number of financial professional shall be selected for membership in each [FLN - Chapter]. Qualified and experienced financial professionals are invited to join us for an [FLN - Chapter Meeting], and learn more about this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals. 

[FLN - Strategic Members]

Individuals or businesses that provide a product or service that is beneficial to the Florida Legal Community are eligible to become "Strategic Members" in this exclusive network. Only one member in each category will be selected for membership in each Chapter, and only a limited number of "Strategic Members" will be selected to represent each "FLN - Chapter." 


[FLN - Chapter Directors]

Serving as an "FLN - Chapter Director" gives our members a tremendous

opportunity to provide lots of great value and benefit to fellow members in the Chapter. 

[FLN - Founder & Director]

Chapter President

Chapter Membership Director

Chapter Events Director

Chapter Education Director

Chapter Communications Director

[FLN - Membership Commitments]

Members that are selected to become part of the network are committed to the success and integrity of the organization.

[FLN - Members] are committed to the following

  • To attend [FLN - Chapter Meetings] on a regular basis to meet, connect, and communicate with fellow members;
  • To provide "value and benefit" to other [FLN - Members] on a consistent and regular basis;
  • To maintain a policy consistent with the Florida Bar on co-counseling legal matters with other attorneys in the network;
  • To remain in good standing with all license requirements with all Bar associations at all times;  
  • To provide great legal services to each and every client;  
  • To keep members of the network properly informed about the status of case referrals;
  • To follow-up and pursue great business opportunities that are referred to you by fellow members.
  • To follow-up and connect with introductions that are made to you by fellow members.

[FLN - Members at Large]

[FLN – Members] that are current with all other obligations, but have not attended an [FLN - Chapter Meeting] in the last ninety (90) days shall be reclassified and listed as Members at Large. [FLN - Members at Large] are still be eligible to participate in the social media channels, but once reclassified, the FLN Member at Large will not be listed as active members on the Chapter Roster or the [FLN - Membership Grid]. Additionally, Members at Large will not be included in the [FLN - Power Lunches] or included in the Chapter speaking rotation.

Presuming space permits, [FLN - Members at Large] are always eligible to reinstate their regular membership by attending and participating on a regular basis.

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