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[FLN - IM's]

(Invidual Meetings)

[FLN - IM's] (Individual Meetings) are a great way for [FLN - Members] to really learn more about each other's area of practice. The more you know, the more you connect, the more "value and benefit" you can provide to your fellow friends and colleagues.

In this format, the [FLN - Member] on the left shall be hosting the person on the right. Once completed, the guest (person on the left) shall post the captivating results in the Chapter Facebook group. The pairs were either selected at a recent Chapter meeting, or were randomly assigned through a comprehensive algorithm designed to be extremely effective.

The [FLN - IM's] are not designed to replace the [FLN - Chapter Meetings] or the [FLN - Power Lunches], but to enhance them. 

If you 

If you are a [FLN - Member] of the Chapter, and you do not see your name listed, simply take the initiative and make it happen.

Release Date: 03/28/18

Target Completion Date: 04/25/18

[FLN - IM - Format]

Person on the left is hosting, coordinating and scheduling an IM (Breakfast, Lunch, Coffeee, etc..) with the person on the right.

Guest/Person on the right shall report the results of the [FLN - IM Event] - in the Chapter Facebook Group upon completion.

Here is a list of Members that were in attendance at the recent Chapter Meeting, and personally selected their guests for the [FLN - IM - Event].

Host Guest
  AJ Yolofsky Scott Golden  
  Alan Danz John Layzell  
  Alexander Johnson Guest/Candidate - Kat Martin  
  Alexis Ekberg Alan Danz  
  Anne Branan Nina Zuckerman Chepp  
  Bill Karp David Levin  
  Bram Scolnick Brian Behar  
  Brian Behar Riad Shanawany  
  Daniel Bushell David Hirsch  
  Daniel Weinger Joseph Van De Bogart  
  David Hirsch Diane M. Perry  
  David Levin Sheri Schultz  
  David Strauss AJ Yolofsky  
  David Yon Leonardo Ortiz  
  Felicia Kaufman Anne Branan  
  John Layzell Mo ElDeiry  
  Joseph Van De Bogart Scott M. Newmark  
  Lee Lasris Alexis Ekberg  
  Leonard Desir Guest/Candidate - Justin Nepola  
  Mark Roher Alexander Johnson  
  Marty Elberg David Yon  
  Mo ElDeiry Pat Shanahan  
  Nina Zuckerman Chepp Felicia Kaufman  
  Pat Shanahan David Strauss  
  Quentin Ballot-Lena Martyn Elberg  
  Ralph Behr Bram Scolnick  
  Riad Shanawany Quentin Ballot-Lena  
  Scott Golden David Levin  
  Scott M. Newmark Bill Karp  
  Sheri Schultz AJ Yolofsky  

Below is a list of Members that were not able to attend the recent Chapter Meeting and were paired together using a very comprehensive and effective algorithm.

  Host Guest  
  Barry Schinder David Shulman  
  Brendan Sweeney Diane M. Perry  
  Christopher Meier Echo Langley  
  Chuck Eiss Elizabeth Blandon  
  Dan Arnold III Ira Zuckerman  
  David Lhota Jared Brown  
  David Shulman Justin Carlin  
  Diane M. Perry Kimberly Berman  
  Echo Langley Leonardo Ortiz  
  Elizabeth Blandon Marie Sagine Eveillard  
  Ira Zuckerman Michael Feinstein  
  Jared Brown Michael Rajtar  
  Justin Carlin Michele Crosa  
  Kimberly Berman Nicole Stambaugh  
  Leonardo Ortiz Mohammad Faruqui  
  Marie Sagine Eveillard Phil Magri  
  Michael Feinstein Sam Coffey  
  Michael Rajtar Sandy Reinstein  
  Michele Crosa Scott Hershenson  
  Mohammad Faruqui Barry Schinder  
  Nicole Stambaugh Brendan Sweeney  
  Phil Magri Christopher Meier  
  Sam Coffey Chuck Eiss  
  Sandy Reinstein Dan Arnold III  
  Scott Hershenson David Lhota  

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