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The [FLN - Academy] - is an educational resource center for [FLN - Legal Members] to learn, grow and prosper throughout their careers.

The Mission of the [FLN - Academy] is to provide [FLN - Legal Members] with tremendous opportunities to improve personally and professionally through better through education, knowledge, tools, resources, discussion and presentations.

In the [FLN - Academy] FLN will bring forth and team up with experts in the areas that are important to [FLN - Legal Members] to provide the latest and greatest information on important and relevant topics.

Why is this important to the FLN - Mission:

As the founder, creator, inventor and implementer of the Florida Lawyers Network, I am passionate about finding creative and innovative ways to provide lots of value and benefit to the FLN - Members.

Here is what we have learned on this journey of Life:

Life is like a hill.

There are very few flat surfaces where you can coast, rest and relax.

We must always be ready to climb the next mountain and overcome the next challenge to avoid falling backwards and roll down the hill.

A comfortable plateau or landing may exist occasionally, but we all know it's a only a temporary respite while the winds of life regroup for another wave of new and exciting challenges.

If the terrain of life were always flat and smooth, we would all tire and become very bored very quickly.

So while life will provide us with a few breaks and luxuries along the way, we must always be looking to climb the next mountain and to overcome the next challenge to ultimately achieve our highest and best purpose.

Anything less, starts to resemble mediocrity and becomes boring and not very captivating.

Upcoming Events: (Click links below to learn more)

01/06/23 - FLN - Teams up with Sandler - Business Development Workshop

01/07/23 - FLN presents Advocates Board Room - A Lawyer's Mastermind Group

02/17/23 - FLN - Day

03/03/23 - 03/04/23 - FLN - Teams up with Rainmaker Institute - Marketing Retreat 

03/31/23 - FLN - Teams Up with Profit Recipe - What the Heck is EOS?

04/01/23 - FLN presents Advocates Board Room - A Lawyer's Mastermind Group

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