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October 2010 - October 2020

Since 2010, the relentless [FLN - Mission] has been to give experienced attorneys and professionals a tremendous opportunity to build and develop valuable connections on a long-term basis.

FLN is designed to be an outstanding network of highly-skilled and well-qualified attorneys in each area of practice throughout Florida, and someday beyond.

Whether you are a recent member, former member, future member or long-term member, please feel welcome to click on the blue button below to sign the [FLN - 10 Year Anniversary] guest book to leave your thoughts, comments and experiences.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020:

10 Years ago this month, I stood on a stage at the Signature Grand in Broward County and presented a very passionate view of an exclusive legal community where experienced attorneys and professionals could connect and reconnect with each other on a regular basis to help each other succeed.

At the time, only a few brave and courageous attorneys took the plunge on this wild and ambitious idea, and slowly but surely it would become a reality.

Today, there are now 11 active [FLN – Chapters] throughout South Florida, with hundreds of experienced attorneys and professionals, and while I was pretty determined to ensure this vision would become a reality, it is quite amazing to actually see it transpire.

The FLN history says [October 2010 October 2020].

That tiny little dash between those two dates represents some extraordinary experiences, friendships and opportunities that would never have occurred, but for the hundreds of members that have made this such an outstanding network of attorneys and professionals.

One tiny little dash represents so much in our legal community, and I am profoundly grateful, honored and privileged to have shared so many great experiences with so many of you throughout the years. 

As we reflect back on the last 10 years, it is amazing how many FLN Members have been a part of this process, and it’s so great that so many of you have shared some great friendships and connections along the way.

Had 2020 not been radically altered by the Corona adventure, we were scheduled to host the FLN 10 Year anniversary party this month, and even though we cannot do it right now, we are already making plans for October 2021, so be sure to stay tuned as those exciting details develop.

Meanwhile, even though we cannot have the big celebration party that we were planning - we invite all of you to help us commemorate this momentous occasion by signing the FLN - 10 Year Anniversary - Digital Guest Book

Simply click the link below and sign the guest book to help us celebrate the valuable and tremendous connections that have been developed, cultivated and maintained throughout the last decade.

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[FLN 10 Year Anniversary Digital Guest Book]

Thanks again for being a part of this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals, and I sincerely look forward to connecting with all of you sooner than later.


-Mo N. ElDeiry, Esquire

[FLN - CEO & Founder] 

Thank you to all the FLN Members, past, future and present that have made

this an outstanding network of attorneys and professionals throughout Florida, and someday beyond.

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