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Updated - 10/13/21

As FLN resumes live in-person FLN - Chapter Meetings here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions!

Please note that any of all of the decisions that are made with FLN are consistent with the FLN - Mission to give experienced attorneys and professionals a tremendous opportunity to build and develop valuable connections on a long-term basis.

The FLN Mission helps guide and direct the decisions that are made, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we preserve and protect the process and strategy of achieving this objective.  

[FLN - Chapter Meetings] - Will it be indoors or outdoors?

-Unless you hear otherwise, all [FLN - Chapter meetings in all FLN - Chapters will be held live in-person, indoors in a private room.

An official [FLN - Chapter] meeting includes a full agenda, Chapter Speakers, Ethics, reports from each Chapter Director, and lots of great CLE credits.

Outdoor social events, gatherings, and power lunches may occur at any other time that an FLN Chapter Meeting is not scheduled for a particular Chapter, but these gatherings would not be an official FLN - Chapter meeting.

What is the rush in returning to live - in-person Chapter meetings?

-There is absolutely no rush.

Please take all the time you need to determine when you are comfortable resuming socializing, interacting and connecting in person.

Needless to say, attendance is not required or recommended, until you feel very comfortable in attending.

However, since the Corona Vaccine is readily available to anyone and everyone that is qualified to receive it, and since the vaccine has been proven to be extremely effective against any serious medical issues, and since the FDA has fully approved the vaccine, and since a high percentage of FLN Members are fully and completely vaccinated, there are many great reason to resume connecting interacting, socializing and networking in person.

Isn't a Virtual Zoom Meeting just as effective?

-Zoom is really a great wonderful, powerful technology, and it was really great to utilize Zoom at a time when physically connecting was simply not possible.

However, despite being one of the best stocks of 2020, Zoom definitely has limitations.

We have found and learned, that the Zoom limitations can make it more challenging for people to build, develop, and maintain these valuable connections on a long-term basis, but it still is a great and useful resource.

Does FLN - require FLN Members to be vaccinated?

Based on the information currently available, and for many great reasons, FLN strongly recommends that anyone and everyone that is qualified to get the vaccine receive one.

Nonetheless, FLN does not have the ability or the capacity to track down every single member in every single Chapter record, determine and verify the accuracy of the information presented, so this requirement is not feasible, practical, or possible. 

However, based on informal discussions and communications, it appears that a high percentage of FLN Members are fully and completely vaccinated.

Does FLN offer a Virtual option to connect with other FLN Members?

-Yes, to accommodate any and all FLN Members that are not comfortable in attending live - in-person - indoor Chapter meetings, FLN Members can quickly and easily become a member in the FLN Virtual Chapter.

-The [FLN - Virtual Chapter] is not designed to be a replacement for your existing FLN Chapter. It is merely designed to be a short-term accommodation, not a long-term objective. 

-In fact, since there are many different [FLN - Members] from lots of different [FLN - Chapters], the FLN Virtual Chapter is really a great way to expand your connections throughout FLN.

Click Here to learn more about the FLN - Virtual Chapter

Still have a question about returning to live - in-person - indoor FLN Chapter meetings?

Please send an email to

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