What is the

Advocates Board Room?

The Advocates Board Room is a powerful mastermind group of experienced "law firm owners" that meet on a regular basis to help each other succeed.

The Mission:

The Mission of the Advocates Board Room is to give "like-minded" law firm owners a tremendous opportunity to brainstorm, collaborate and mastermind on the best strategies and techniques to achieve their personal and professional goals each and every quarter.

About the Advocates Board Room

-Are you a law firm owner that could benefit from consistently and routinely comparing ideas and strategies with other like-minded law firm owners about your "Law Business?"

-Would you like to connect with other law firm owners to get their input, feedback and insight on your "law business?"

-Do you feel that you would benefit from learning about mistakes, issues and challenges that other law firm owners have encountered so that you could save time, money and headaches to avoid them?

-Would you like to know how some law firm owners consistently grow their law business each and every year, while others simply watch from the sidelines?

-The concept and format we have developed works really well, and we sincerely invite you to learn more about this powerful program.

The Advocates Board Room - 3 Requirements to Apply

1. Law Firm Owner:

Applicants must be a licensed attorney with at least 5 years of experience, and must be the owner, shareholder, or partner of a law firm with the authority to implement decisions in your business.

2. Growth Oriented:

Applicants must be growth oriented, and seeking to improve in your personal and professional life by utilizing a proven productivity system while masterminding with other law firm owners.

3. Ready to Mastermind:

Applicants must be ready, willing and able to brainstorm, collaborate, and mastermind with like-minded attorneys on a regular basis.

What is expected when you become an active 

Board Member of the Advocates Board Room?

Active Board Members receive the following benefits:

-The ability to attend several live "in-person" Board Meetings on a regular basis;

-The opportunity to participate in "Weekly Zoom Calls" to review progress from the prior week, and establish a plan for the upcoming week.

-Connecting with fellow Board Members on a regular basis;

-Dedicating your time, energy, focus and resources to your fellow Board Members.

-Commitment to grow and be supported when challenging situations arise.

-Commitment to be honest, transparent, and authentic in your interaction with fellow Board Members.

-Willingness to accept input, feedback and insight from your fellow Board Members that will provide you with great perspective.

-To actively look for powerful opportunities to help others succeed.

What you will experience when

you become an active Board Member?

-Significant progress on your goals, achievements and accomplishments every quarter by masterminding and brainstorming with other law firm owners.

-Your very own unbiased impartial "Board of Directors" that are dedicated and committed to helping you succeed.

-A great group of friends and colleagues that will provide you with input, coaching and accountability as you move towards your goals.

-Weekly meetings in a structured format with a proven agenda.

-Tools and resources to help you develop personally and professionally.

-Active participation and guidance as you move towards your goals and achievements.

-Attending live events to really create some lasting bonds and friendships.

Ready to Learn More?

Got Questions - Need Information?

Advocates Board Room

480 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway - Suite 110

Sunrise, FL 33325

T: 954.670.2800

E: ABR@AdvocatesBoardRoom.com


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